From Wellness Comes Vitality

At WellStylist Lab, we view ‘holistic wellness’ as synonymous with your vitality – the total “you” – from the workplace to your family and your community. We actively seek to understand the latest trends and practices that positively influence human vitality and gain wisdom through collaboration and experimentation with holistic living practices.


You are complex; the whole of you is greater than the sum of your parts. That is why, contrary to popular belief, seeking “solutions” to your compartmentalized problems may actually lead you to disappointment, and possibly even more problems. Truly, don’t believe all the marketing you are exposed to! Be a conscious consumer.

Our perspective on holistic wellness takes in the wholeness of you through multidimensional lenses. In a way, it is like looking through a kaleidoscope that is uniquely You.

By leading with questions and self-reflecting on all the aspects of your vitality, we believe you are more likely to identify patterns that if changed or adjusted, can have significant and lasting, positive impacts on your life.

VI~TAL~ITY noun, plural vi·tal·i·ties: "exuberant physical strength or mental vigor; capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence; power to live or grow vital force or principle."

~ definition from


Our members need a way to effectively understand what we mean when we refer to holistic wellness and vitality. Therefore, WellStylist Lab has divided vitality into three main lenses: states, connections and contributions. Each lens is further broken into three dimensions.

Visualizing your dimensions of vitality can help you to assess and measure your wellbeing. We believe that asking good questions leads to good things. Are you thriving? What dimensions are worth celebrating? Which dimensions will you prioritize your focus on this year?

Vitality matters to us. It is where human potential resides.

Shannon Vivar
Author: Shannon Vivar

Shannon is the founder of WellStylist Lab and Chief Operating Officer of Mix Theory Studios. She enjoys digging into concepts and trends around wellness and sharing her experiences with our members. A rebel at heart, Shannon is passionate about innovation and positive transformation ~ especially the kind that bucks the status quo. Starting with poetry in her childhood and later in the Marine Corps as a photojournalist and newspaper editor, Shannon finds writing as one creative outlet to share her voice and the trend research she does.


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