From Wisdom Comes Power

At WellStylist Lab, we use ‘working futures’ to refer to your power. We believe all humans have the innate ability to make awe-inspiring contributions to society by capitalizing on our individual strengths and intrinsic motivation. This belief propels us to foster professional wellness through mutual learning and member-sourced ideation.


Our unique power is built upon the collective strengths and wellbeing of our members who share experiences and guidance across all facets of their lives.

Find opportunities for professional development and tangible growth through mutual learning and constructive camaraderie within our interactive forums and groups.


WellStylist Lab is the only community of its kind, collaborating to bring together the insights of a widely diverse group of people. From individuals to decision makers to HR and wellness professions, we are motivated to find new and innovative ways to work.

Put your power to work through our ideation campaigns. We believe our member-sourced innovation will bring real change to people’s lives and the collective good.

Shannon Vivar
Author: Shannon Vivar

Shannon is the founder of WellStylist Lab and Chief Operating Officer of Mix Theory Studios. She enjoys digging into concepts and trends around wellness and sharing her experiences with our members. A rebel at heart, Shannon is passionate about innovation and positive transformation ~ especially the kind that bucks the status quo. Starting with poetry in her childhood and later in the Marine Corps as a photojournalist and newspaper editor, Shannon finds writing as one creative outlet to share her voice and the trend research she does.


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