WellStylist Lab brings people together who are ready to take charge of their lives, share their unique gifts and make changes in a supportive and dynamic community-based setting.

Our focus on vitality leads us to explore trends and holistic living practices that positively influence personal, professional and societal well-being.

We promote mutual learning and member-sourced ideation that build upon our unique strengths and motivations.


At WellStylist Lab, we believe in the collective return of our small actions.

People from all walks of life, engaging in a collaborative environment, create endless possibilities to gain new perspectives and to experience real and tangible growth through constructive camaraderie.

From the personal roles we assume and excel in to our conscious consumption of resources, we can make positive changes.


Thrive: Energize Your Core

Explore the path of holistic living practices. Identify activities that spark your interest. Practice the ones that fit with you and your wellness goals. Build rituals and routines with healthier habits.

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Inspire: Transform Your Mindset

Become aware of what influences and drives your actions. Uncover the biases and conditioned behaviors that hinder your decision making. Benefit from the power of storytelling. Expose yourself to new thinking frameworks, alternative approaches and other cultures and customs. Actively seek opportunities.

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Engage: Share Your Voice

Grow your capacity for change. Interact with others to develop your strengths, leadership skills and knowledge. Listen openly to contrarian ideas. Contribute and reap the benefit of mutual learning. Participate in collective ideation. Innovate with others.

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Flow: Harness Your Potential

Adopt a growth mindset. Improve your wellbeing. Optimize your productivity. Get in your zone. Accept challenges. Take risks. Make greater contributions.


Evolve: Power Your Future

Experience joy. See your life with an abundance viewpoint. Lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. Be resilient. Be satisfied. Flourish.

Be part of our community

From individuals and decision makers to human resource and wellness professionals, our unique power is built upon the collective strengths and well-being of our members who share experiences and guidance across all facets of their lives.

Membership enrollment in WellStylist Lab is open and free to join. WellStylist Lab will present various opportunities to engage as a community both online and in-person. The community organizes events and activities including festivals, workshops, masterminds, and retreats.

To fully participate online, members can upgrade their membership for just $29.99 per year (or $3.99 per month) and access more member benefits. Members receive discounts for community events and activities. Click a link below to find out more information about upcoming events.

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