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At WellStylist Lab, we use ‘regenerative living’ to refer to your world. We can make a difference from the personal roles we assume and excel in to the conscious consumption of resources. The wellness of society depends on the collective return on our small actions ~ ultimately creating benefit for all.


A regenerative life paradigm draws attention to the unique aspects of what makes things alive, and lets those things flourish and fulfill their purpose through self-determination.

By identifying patterns and applying new thinking frameworks, we can root out old beliefs and social norms that no longer serve us.

Living with a mindset that embraces growth, resilience and abundance can make a bigger difference than we can imagine.


  • We have the power.

  • We have the talent.

  • We have the curiosity and creative intelligence to grow our capacity for transformation.

  • We will achieve amazing results.


Shannon Vivar
Author: Shannon Vivar

Shannon is the founder of WellStylist Lab and Chief Operating Officer of Mix Theory Studios. She enjoys digging into concepts and trends around wellness and sharing her experiences with our members. A rebel at heart, Shannon is passionate about innovation and positive transformation ~ especially the kind that bucks the status quo. Starting with poetry in her childhood and later in the Marine Corps as a photojournalist and newspaper editor, Shannon finds writing as one creative outlet to share her voice and the trend research she does.


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